Burning Hearts is non-profit organization whose purpose is call leaders--young and old--to live principled lives with a counter-cultural purpose. It begins with a 21-Day Adventure.


Burning Hearts 21-Day Adventure is based on a lifestyle template that has remained the standard among Christian leaders for centuries. The strategy is simple:

  1. Give God one hour of your day in prayer and Bible reading,
  2. Decide to joyfully live above the standards of the culture, and
  3. Determine to share your faith with those who are searching for God.

The Burning Hearts 21-Day Adventure is based on the book: The Burning Heart Contract by Becky Tirabassi.

The Burning Hearts 21-Day Adventure is just the beginning. For a person to continue to live for God and stay accountable to a lifestyle of prayer, purity, and purpose, it is important that he or she considers leading a 21-Day Adventure.

If you would like to invest in mission of taking this message across the nation through events, seminars, classes, kick-off meetings, or video/audio presentations, we humbly invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to Burning Hearts, Inc.: click here to give online or send your check to:

Burning Hearts Inc.
Box 10926
Newport Beach, CA 92658