Why do we pray? We pray because prayer changes things. When we spend time and talk with Jesus the more intimate our relationship becomes with Him. The more intimate we are with Him, the more we are aware of his presence. The more we are aware of his presence, the more aware we are of how the Holy Spirit is moving. When we are aware of how the Holy Spirit is moving, lives are changed forever because we are living in the presence of God. When we live in the presence of God, people will notice and will desire the joy and freedom we have by living in His Spirit.

I am so incredibly blessed to have been introduced to The Burning Heart Contract: A 21-Day Challenge to Ignite Your Passion and Fulfill Your Purpose written by Becky Tirabassi in the summer of 2013. I started my first 21-Day journey on July 1, 2013 and since then I have seen God work more clearly than I have ever seen Him work in my entire life. I have witnessed revival in my own life and the lives of others because people are sold out to prayer, purity, and purpose.

Since July 1, 2013 I have seen friends who were struggling with drug and alcohol problems rededicate their lives to Christ. I have seen friends lead their own parents to Christ, as well as have incredible Holy Spirit encounters in which the Holy Spirit revealed their spiritual gifts.

When we are sold out to prayer and spend time with Jesus we develop an intimate relationship with Him. In return, we experience His incredible power and love by seeing what He is doing in and around us.

I can personally say that my life has been completely changed forever because of the 21-Day challenge.

Growing up in a Christian home and going to a Christian elementary and middle school, I learned a lot about God and the Bible but did not really learn how to mature in my relationship with Him. I feel as if I have loved God my whole life because of what I knew about Him, but I never really felt Him. I always believed there had to be more. For example, if God is so awesome and powerful in the Bible why on earth was I not experiencing Him in the ways that the Bible talks about?

The Burning Heart Challenge is what led me to experience God in new and powerful ways. After experiencing an intimacy with Jesus that is found by doing this challenge, I realized that I was right about saying “there has to be more.” For me, the big stonewall getting in the way of me experiencing what God truly has planned for me completely crumbled to the ground. The big stonewall crumbled because during this challenge I lived how Jesus wants me to live: a life of prayer, purity, and purpose. I have fully experienced a revival in my own personal life and I will forever be changed.

The 21-Day challenge is simply a way to help people develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. God’s hand is on this thing right now as people all over are experiencing revival in their lives and on their campuses. The love I have experienced through spending time with Jesus is something I want to share with everyone because it is a precious gift from God.

Prayer is a gift, purity is freedom, and purpose is joy.


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